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Spring TX Pressure Washing is dedicated to providing you with high-quality work and is determined to create a healthy, safe and clean environment.


Industry-related cleaning

The products we use in retail cleaning are environment friendly which includes chemicals, toilet paper soaps, etc. As professionals, we use color-coded microfiber cloths which are reusable and washable very easily. So basically these products capture all the dust which is on the surfaces rather than pushing them into the air. Technology we use helps vacuums which improve air quality by capturing 99.6% of particles.

Disinfecting through E-Spray

‘As we all know bacteria quickly builds upon every surface of commercial and residential spaces.
After the outbreak of Coronavirus, we knew that sanitation is very important. E-Spray is a new type of service that fully removes germs that can cause people to get sick.
Through e spray, you can completely cover the areas which include that outreach spot also. As the bacteria and viruses are eliminated from the surroundings It is fresh and safer to breathe.

Antimicrobial spraying

Through antimicrobial spray all the deadly pathogens, viruses are killed and it is an effective disinfectant. and can provide up to 3 months of residual surface protection. Once applied, It does not wash off. It’s a commercial service that is used in education centres, officers ‘ hospitals, and any public place. The product does not contain any harsh solvent, alcohol, and bleach. It is very safe for humans and pets.

Green cleaning

Spring Texas Cleaning Services believes in Go Green. The products we use are safe and pleasant cleaning. We highly use environmentally-friendly products like green paper products which are an alternative to paper. We use chlorine-free roll travels which are made from recycled fibres. We also use vacuum filtration technology. Through this air quality is improved.

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